Inspiration... Memory

On this Memorial Day how do you both honor the memories and cleanse and purify them so that you can live in the present? What memories as a collective are we looking to release? Re-pattern? Remember? And how does this launch us more fully into the present day, present moment, present breath?

What beliefs, choices, emotions, traumas, and patterns of our ancestors still imprint on us today? (It is said our ancestors influence 7 generations past and future. Thus, we are always in this moment feeling the past and creating the future.)

How can we harvest the gifts of our memories without becoming enslaved, blocked, or imprisoned by them?

For me the practice of witnessing my mind, growing awareness, and nourishing and stimulating my senses so that they are not clouded are great supports. What are your practices for remembering, re-patterning and being present today?

For a great read Happiness is the Real Medicine and How it Works, By Blair Lewis, P.A.

Inspiration...(M(in)d the Matter)

(M(in)d the Matter)


Reflecting on the fun, family and friends, that I got to be with this weekend to celebrate the growth and milestones of my kids. I became more aware of when my mind is seated in my matter what that feels like inside of me, and the effects it has on me and those I am around. When my mind is seated in my matter/body-- I am more at ease and relaxed and my breath can flow throughout the mind and the matter. Instead of when I am experiencing mind over matter (driving myself at the expense of my body), or matter over the mind (letting my matter/body suppress my mind).

I am gradually growing consciousness around when the mind is in the matter and the matter is in the mind what it feels like (calm, radiating joy), looks like (having steady and easy diaphragmatic breath), and what and how I am in the moment (present and available instead of distracted and tense) and I am growing these moments more and more. And becoming more of a witness to when the mind and matter are unified with the prana flowing throughout them cleansing and nourishing them, instead of having the mind and matter at odds inside of myself and the breath lacking clear pathways. And when I find myself at odds, it is the gentle return of the mind that matters.

Like seeds the effect is already inside, and with the right conditions the seeds naturally grow. We are growing seeds all the time why not become more joyfully aware to the ones we are planting and watering with our awareness.

What are you playing with growing consciousness around?

What and how do you invite your mind to take a seat in your matter? What does it feel like, look like, and what are the natural outcomes from this union inside of yourself?

And when you notice them at odds, how do you return to bringing the mind, the body and the breath back together again?

Love to hear your best practices and explorations on bringing consciousness into form with steady ease for yourself in the comments section.

Inspiration Mondays...Cycle Times

Cycle Times

1. I am considering Thomas Hanna's invitation today that, "We cannot sense without acting, and we cannot act without sensing." Our brilliant ability to sense and feel and pay attention to how this informs our actions has me considering what I have learned and explored in my studies in both Ayurveda, Yoga and Yoga Therapy. In Yoga & Ayurveda growing awareness of our actions involves paying attention to what our senses pay attention to, and learning to nourish our senses with the right stimuli so that we can attune to life with more clarity, clam and ease.

2. Paying attention to what we pay attention to with our senses leads to our awareness of our cycle times. A cycle time is how we move from desire to action in our life. Our desires, lead to thoughts, how our thoughts lead to emotions, our emotions inform our feelings, and our feelings direct our actions. 

3. Sometimes we become conscious of our actions but not the desire that lead to them, and sometimes we become conscious of our desires but can't seem to manifest them into concrete actions. Or our awareness comes when we have a feeling, or an emotion, but not sure what the desire was that set it in motion...when we are out of sync with this cycle time we find ourselves out of harmony with our Self. When we are in harmony life feels more ease, and we are able to self direct and follow our optimal paths.

4. Therefore, can we become more conscious/aware, witness with the ingredient of ahimsa (nonviolence) our cycle times from desire to actions...and invite our awareness to be faster than our desires to actively weed out the ones not needed and nourish the desires we wish to grow. 

5. Adding to this consideration and conversation, my studies and practice of SourcePoint Therapy a modality where we attune ourselves toward health and the full potential of the human being. Health from this perspective is defined as Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow--the right amount of Order for our systems to organize around, the ability to Balance and Ground ourselves in this natural inherent Order, and then Harmonize this Balanced Order into our systems so that Health and Fullest Potential can Flow throughout us. We may experience this as the body breathing itself or resting in our essential nature. With this practice as a foundation and support we learn to pay attention to how orientating toward health instead of symptoms shifts our senses and what we pay attention toward each moment. This enhances our deep connection to the blueprint for human health and full potential of the human being manifesting in each of us as our birth right.

6. All of this has me considering at a deeper level, our desires, our actions and our ability to sense and feel this cycle time as Thomas Hanna's quote invites us. What desires are we nourishing and which are we weeding out? How are our desires affecting our energy and what we pay attention to? And how does this inform how we attune our senses and spend our time? And when we take time to orientate ourselves toward our health and fullest potential do our desires and actions and cycle times shift? I know for me it does. 


Sunflower Seed--desires are like seeds. In Ayurveda, the effect is in the seed and with the right conditions the effect blossoms into its full potential. Awareness of the seeds of desire we plant within is part of growing our own optimal health and full potential.

Sunflower Seed--desires are like seeds. In Ayurveda, the effect is in the seed and with the right conditions the effect blossoms into its full potential. Awareness of the seeds of desire we plant within is part of growing our own optimal health and full potential.