Inspiration...(M(in)d the Matter)

(M(in)d the Matter)


Reflecting on the fun, family and friends, that I got to be with this weekend to celebrate the growth and milestones of my kids. I became more aware of when my mind is seated in my matter what that feels like inside of me, and the effects it has on me and those I am around. When my mind is seated in my matter/body-- I am more at ease and relaxed and my breath can flow throughout the mind and the matter. Instead of when I am experiencing mind over matter (driving myself at the expense of my body), or matter over the mind (letting my matter/body suppress my mind).

I am gradually growing consciousness around when the mind is in the matter and the matter is in the mind what it feels like (calm, radiating joy), looks like (having steady and easy diaphragmatic breath), and what and how I am in the moment (present and available instead of distracted and tense) and I am growing these moments more and more. And becoming more of a witness to when the mind and matter are unified with the prana flowing throughout them cleansing and nourishing them, instead of having the mind and matter at odds inside of myself and the breath lacking clear pathways. And when I find myself at odds, it is the gentle return of the mind that matters.

Like seeds the effect is already inside, and with the right conditions the seeds naturally grow. We are growing seeds all the time why not become more joyfully aware to the ones we are planting and watering with our awareness.

What are you playing with growing consciousness around?

What and how do you invite your mind to take a seat in your matter? What does it feel like, look like, and what are the natural outcomes from this union inside of yourself?

And when you notice them at odds, how do you return to bringing the mind, the body and the breath back together again?

Love to hear your best practices and explorations on bringing consciousness into form with steady ease for yourself in the comments section.