Inspiration... Memory

On this Memorial Day how do you both honor the memories and cleanse and purify them so that you can live in the present? What memories as a collective are we looking to release? Re-pattern? Remember? And how does this launch us more fully into the present day, present moment, present breath?

What beliefs, choices, emotions, traumas, and patterns of our ancestors still imprint on us today? (It is said our ancestors influence 7 generations past and future. Thus, we are always in this moment feeling the past and creating the future.)

How can we harvest the gifts of our memories without becoming enslaved, blocked, or imprisoned by them?

For me the practice of witnessing my mind, growing awareness, and nourishing and stimulating my senses so that they are not clouded are great supports. What are your practices for remembering, re-patterning and being present today?

For a great read Happiness is the Real Medicine and How it Works, By Blair Lewis, P.A.