Birth Doula

Supporting your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as your family grows is a privilege. I am a long standing Woodwinds Hospital Doula Volunteer continues to be a passion of mine. I support private clients as well. Being with you as you prepare and birth your baby and learn to care for him/her postpartum is stunning.   


Perinatal Hospice Doula

Perinatal hospice is a beautiful support for you and your child both in uterus and after birth. Providing your family support, love, and resources during this sacred time as you parent your child. When you are presented with the possibility or the reality that your child's life may be brief, it calls upon deep resources and wisdom to navigate the decisions that will best honor their life, and your life with them.  

Family Yoga Class Suspended for the holidays, check back later.


Yoga Calm blended with SomaYoga Therapy supports your child's well being. It integrates physical, mental and emotional development through the exploration of breath, poses, yoga games, and relaxation. This assists kids in developing an inner awareness of their landscape, building confidence, compassion and strength. Deepening their innate ability to focus, be patient, and mindful of themselves and others, and enhances pain-free posture. 

Elizabeth combines methods of Yoga Calm and SomaYoga Therapy--using Yoga, wellness, and mindfulness to provide students, sports teams, school clubs, teachers, parents, and administrators with greater awareness and centeredness for learning and friendship. Elizabeth is happy to consult with you as you look to integrate these supports into your educational approach and community to meet the full potential of the child and the school community. 


A blog conversation between two friends that includes ideas on writing, motherhood, creativity, meditation, and much more.


SomayYoga & Sit, Walk, Write

In the spirit of Natalie Goldberg's work Writing Down the Bones, we do just that, sit in meditation, walk mindfully, and write from our deepest self. As a student of this practice I share the structure I learned from Goldberg. As we study the mind and watch it settle, we grow together as writers.