Artwork by Emma Kunz (1892–1963) was a Swiss healer and artist.



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Multi Dimension Multi Universe Healing

Our Soul is larger than our expression of it in this lifetime, in this universe and dimension. Scientists are learning this and quantum physics and string theory also reveal this.

Since 2015 through my training and work with Maureen Higgins, M.A., who founded Wings of Freedom in 1998, I have learned protocols that assist clients in transforming the past, attaining their personal and professional goals and moving into higher consciousness – a perception and attitude above the normal human one. Wings of Freedom is an alternative counseling and coaching practice. Maureen has developed numerous healing systems since 2005 including “Disconnection from the Collective Shadow®” (2005) and “Cellular Activation®” (2006), “Ancestral & Other Lifetimes” healing processes® (2012-2018), and I have spent years learning them. These processes are used in her private sessions and workshop trainings.  She has made these healing processes into healing audios so that clients, and the general public, can heal themselves as a daily practice, and are great follow up resources and supports to our sessions together.

These healing systems allow you to heal past lives, ancestral patterns, and simultaneous lives that may be affecting you in your current time and space. Have you ever woke up and wondered why things feel off, but when you look around things should be great? Only 20% of what is affecting us is because of this current lifetime. The other 80% is due to these other patterns and lifetimes influencing us. In Yoga & Ayurveda we may refer to this as karma--when the past influences our present and our present time decisions influences our future patterning. Instead of continuing to repeat the lessons we can become aware of them, transform them energetically, mentally, emotionally, and physically allowing us to become more skillful in our present day life. 

Sessions: $175.00