Living Ayurveda-Your Elemental Nature 12 Hour Curriculum


Living Ayurveda-Your Elemental Nature 12 Hour Curriculum


Your Elemental Nature—Living Ayurveda

Join a small, intimate group (max 10 People) to unpack the living wisdom of Ayurveda and how it can support your elemental nature. Learn practical tips for how to stay in balance and harmony with yourself and your environment using simple lifestyle routines to bring in the right amount of order and flow.

During this intensive we will dive deeper into Ayurveda to learn practical tips on how you can apply the art of longevity and self-healing to your daily lifestyle and routines as well as food to make optimal shifts in your consciousness and body.

  • Learn the five elements and how they make up your essential nature Vata, Pitta, & Kapha

  • Learn the 20 qualities that Ayurveda works with that make up our essential nature and how to use them to keep yourself and family in balance.

  • Learn the Ayurvedic Clock for the day, seasons, lifespan, and how this awareness helps you stay current with your health and potential. We will look at the 6 pillars of Yoga and Ayurveda’s Dinacharya (daily routines),

  • Learn how to nourish, stimulate and use the senses to keep your mind stable steady and easy.

  • Learn how to apply this to your life and support your family’s life and loved ones.

Intensive Workshop Dates: two class days—Friday, April 26 & Friday, May 17, 10 am-2:00 pm

The Remaining 4 hours of curriculum is completed in a 1-1 intake: This is to be scheduled Between March and May 15 schedule a 1-1 consultation to learn more about your individual nature and constitution and current state of balance. You will get a personalized plan for your daily routine and lifestyle that supports your overall well being and elemental nature.

Cost: 300.00 total. Limit 8-10 people.

Location: Held at 1664 Grand Ave. Office, St Paul, MN 55105 (Just above French Meadow)

(If choosing payment plan a non-refundable 150.00 at time of registration holds your spot and Email: to arrange payment plan).

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