Going the Distance—Back On The Road Again

I struggled with back pain for two years. I initially saw an MD, then a physical therapist and then a chiropractor. The therapy helped, but the pain never went away. Most importantly, my passion, biking significantly exacerbated my back pain. I could not do what I really wanted to do. Working with Elizabeth slowly helped, but within six-weeks things really came together and I was mostly better. There were a number of things we worked on at first that did not make sense, but looking back it gave me a more holistic understanding about the underlying problem. What I appreciate most is the knowledge I gained allows me to treat the pain. I rode 115 miles this weekend and as long as I continue the SourcePoint & SomaYoga stretching my back pain does not hold me back.
— S.C., Saint Paul, MN, Physician

Aligned with Health & Function

I have many wonderful yoga and SourcePoint sessions with Elizabeth to bring better balance and function in body. My most profound session was after I slipped on the ice. I couldn’t walk and Elizabeth rushed over to provide a SourcePoint session. I was outside my body and ready to go to the ER. She worked on me and my nervous system settled and I iced my swollen bruised ankle. I could lightly walk on it so I determined it must be a terrible sprain. Elizabeth did a SourcePoint session weekly and after three weeks when the nerves started coming back on line I felt some discomfort. I saw an Orthopedic Surgeon to do x-rays and diagnose if there was a deeper issue. He was amazed. My ankle was broken. The doctor explained to me with the type of break I had if I would have come in after my fall I would have had surgery and pins in my leg. He wanted to know what I had done to care for my ankle, the bones were perfectly align and would heal without any arthritis or issues. I let him know about SourcePoint Therapy and my sessions with Elizabeth. The doctor told me to hold off playing tennis for a couple weeks but to keep doing what I was doing. The nerve discomfort would subside and it did. My ankle healed without surgery or physical therapy. I have deep appreciation for SourcePoint and for Elizabeth as a gifted practitioner.
— Tina Green, Certified Rolfer, LMT, Minneapolis, MN

Freedom from Chronic Pain

I have been doing Soma Yoga for a year and a half now in Yoga North’s 500-hour Teacher Training, and it’s been a life-saver.  I am amazed at how this gentle, easy body work can get me out of pain, discomfort, dis-ease and feeling stronger, more solid, more centered.  Elizabeth is a gifted teacher and healer and easily coaches you through the movements — and any necessary modifications — to get you to a place of healing and ease of movement.  As well, I’m working with Elizabeth on SourcePoint Therapy, and although I am new to this and we are early in the process, initial results are promising.  SourcePoint Therapy is such an interesting approach to healing.  Because of a recent back/hip procedure that limits my activity and movement for a-period-of-time, I wanted to explore options that would best support my healing and recovery.  In a single session, I got to a place where I was pain free – first time in a looong time.  I am looking forward to continued work in this modality with Elizabeth.
— Kate, St. Paul, Marketing Account Manager

Returning to the Self

Elizabeth Sullivan’s deep commitment to her own health and well-being makes her an exceptional practitioner.  Whether on the yoga mat or on the therapy table, her kind and generous nature is healing balm.  The wide range of modalities Elizabeth is steeped and trained in is a testament to her insatiable curiosity and love of learning.  All of her work – from SomaYoga Therapy, to SourcePoint Therapy, to Energy Work, to Ayurveda – is designed to support body, mind, and soul.  One of Elizabeth’s super powers is meeting her students and clients wherever they are at with a pure open-heart…no judgment.  Do something nourishing just for you and attend a SomaYoga class or a SourcePoint session with Elizabeth.  The experience feels like you are coming home to yourself.
— Beth DeZiel, Modern-Day Wrangler of Time and Space at www.lassollc.com 

Balanced Alignment

Elizabeth is warm, intelligent, fun, and an extremely talented energy worker. Sessions with Elizabeth are like being held in a warm and healing embrace. After each session with her, I felt more centered and lighter in body and mind. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking balance and alignment, both energetically and physically.
— Gracia Gimse McKinley, Yoga Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Gain a Deeper Under-Standing

I had a fairly good understanding of SomaYoga Therapy, and was still having trouble with some left knee pain.  With the added layer of SourcePoint Therapy with Elizabeth, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of that area of my body and was amazed at how my left hip and leg moved during the session and found its way back in alignment.  I have been using and will continue to use this work in my own practice.  I live in Des Moines, and am so glad to have found Elizabeth!
— Pam S., SomaYoga Specialist, Occupational Therapist 

transforming ancestry and other lifetimes

I’ve gone to Elizabeth a few times for SourcePoint Therapy. Each time I experience intense healing energy throughout my body and end up moving through and past a limiting issue, becoming free of it. Recently, I wanted help to heal my lungs after having pneumonia. During the session, not only could I deeply feel energy work being done on my body and lungs, but Elizabeth’s guiding, spot-on intuition took me to a past life and present life trauma that needed resolution and healing. After the session, I immediately noticed I could take much deeper breaths and bring more air into my lungs. I also felt so much more energy, which has lasted for several days now. Since the session, my body no longer wants or needs certain supplements that I’ve been taking for awhile after I muscle-tested them, whereas prior to the session, my body wanted them. Elizabeth is a talented, intuitive, skilled practitioner and healer. Her wisdom, combined with the methods of SourcePoint Therapy have always been a great benefit for me. I recommend her for anyone that is feeling stuck or experiencing issues physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, or simply would like a thorough mind/body/spirit tune-up. 

Here’s another interesting thing that I’ve noticed since our Source Point session...in addition to my body no longer needing or wanting certain supplements like Lysine, which helps get rid of viruses according to Anthony William....I just noticed that a wart that I had on my thumb is gone! It’s been there for years, and Maggie and I have been doing various protocol to get rid of warts the past year or so. Anyway, I got bored months ago with wart removal stuff that wasn’t working, so I didn’t do anything with it. Source Point with you was the only healing work I’ve done before it went away.

I thought I should share that with you...another verification of good healing work!
— Eric Christopher, MS, Marriage & Family Therapy, Hypnotherapist

freedom after concussion

My friend recommended private SomaYoga classes with Elizabeth to heal from my concussion. Elizabeth’s warmth and acceptance was so beneficial to my healing process. Her intuition on what movements and treatments my body and spirit needed that day was spot on. She combined her trainings of soma yoga and SourcePoint therapy to provide me with a well rounded, nurturing, relaxing session. I felt light and free after leaving my sessions. She also gave me advice on Ayurvedic practices I can incorporate into my daily routines such as tongue scraping and oiling. I now have a variety of poses, meditations, visualizations, and daily practices I can use to continue healing my mind, body, and spirit.
— Kelly A., Nurse, Saint Paul, MN

Relaxed Resilience

“My experience in Elizabeth’s hands was one of pure relaxation and healing. Of the different types of energy healing I’ve had done, this experience was unique in the cellular depth, ancestral access and multiple realms that were visited. In a nutshell I would call my experience cosmic. I left feeling both light and restored. In the week that has passed since my appointment, I would describe myself as feeling very balanced- emotionally, physically and spiritually. I look forward to my next appointment with her and highly recommended her services.”
— Anna D.